When you buy an SOC tester.  You realize the importance of ultimate reliability, cost effectiveness and customer assurance.

- A revolutionary product that has become the record setting standard in the industry and standard equipment for the largest compliance testing companies in the world.

- The only tester that consistently tells you if the batteries you are using for your system will actually perform when you need them the most.
Power When You Need it
- If you've spent thousands if not hundreds of thousands to insure you have the power you need when you need it, you simply cannot leave the most important part of your backup system to chance. You need to have the most accurate technology available on the market today in order to sustain ultimate reliability in a system you can count on when you need it the most.













        How will the SOC tester Benefit My Company?
       Specific Information for The Testing Industry

1.  Protection from Conflict and Reliability Issues while increasing Profit margins:

False alarms cost businesses and local municipalities millions of dollars a year.  Considering that 98% of all ups system failures are the result of faulty batteries, SOC140 plays a major role in reduced false alarms among the fire and security Industry.  False emergency response calls caused by inadequate test equipment's false positives will be eradicated utilizing the SOC140.  You can be confident in providing your customers with systems and service they can count on.  Provide a customer with top shelf service, support and reliability and you'll retain that customer for life.

If you are testing with a multi meter you may be wasting your time reading the surface charge of the battery.  If you have been exercising the 90 minute test, you are unnecessarily depleting the battery and thus unnecessarily reducing the battery's life.  You may also be getting inaccurate readings based on the time left for voltage increase between load and voltage analysis.

If you are testing with a load tester, you better make sure the testing device you are using has compensation built in for temperature, exact AHR compensation.  Depending on the temperature of the battery’s environment and that battery's predetermined manufacturers AHR rating the results could up to 50% off.  Every load tester we have tested to date has inaccurate and inconsistent results at best.

The SOC140 has a patented process which releases the surface charge and analyzes the internal infrastructure of the battery under test in just 43 seconds.  The state of charge results are compatible with a true full 20 hour discharge under lab conditions without being overly intrusive to the battery and thus leaving the battery with a sufficient charge to operate to its full potential right after the test is performed.  What does that mean?  Utilizing the SOC140 you realize minimal system down time, ultimate reliability, and incredibly fast analysis.

Profit is maximized by reduced man hours and increased legitimate battery replacements due to eliminating false positive readings.  While you are providing your customer with the ultimate reliability for their systems, you will be increasing your battery replacement sales due to the elimination of false positive readings caused by inferior and inaccurate testing devices.  Your expenses will also be cut by the reduction of  man hours spent at testing locations.  Time is money and with the SOC140 you will have more time to test more location with less money going out for labor costs.

2. Piece of Mind:

The 20 hour discharge test is most accurate method for determining battery health.  The top testing companies in the world relied upon their own comparative lab tests utilizing actual 20 hour discharge results as well as comparative testing utilizing our tester against other testers on the market.  Their decision?  To utilize our tester as the new standard for their companies.  What's Your Decision?

3. Reputation:

You can be confident that you are providing your customers with ultimate reliability for their system by utilizing the most accurate technology available on the market.  This technology is rapidly changing the way companies are testing in the field and this tester is fast becoming the new standard for the industry across the board.  Don't be left behind.  Let your company realize the benefits of the new SOC140 Today.


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